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Once you have access there are instructions on how to use the system. There is a folder labelled “Introduction and Help” under the Categories tab on the left-hand side your page.

For videos, you’ll be using embed codes from Brand USA’s YouTube channel.

Directions to embed: Click the share button underneath the video and select the embed option on the bottom right. Be sure to check the box to Start at 0:00. Next, click copy in the bottom right corner.

Search Tips

Within our YouTube channel, you can select the appropriate language on the right-hand side, under ‘ADDITIONAL LANGUAGE CHANNELS.’ Instead of using the main search at the top of the page, use the option underneath the red ‘SUBSCRIBE’ button, by clicking on the magnifying glass. This will help you find videos relating to your preferred destinations and topics, or browse our curated playlists. While we welcome embedding, ripping video from our YouTube channel for editing and reposting is prohibited.